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19th Sep 2023

Tsering Wangmo, Tibet

Tsering's story is one of resilience, and cosy handmade knits. Originally from Tibet, Tsering hand knits motherly love into every single baby toy and baby accessory she creates for her brand Tsering Toys, with her detailed work reflecting the strength and determination of a first generation migrant.

Her family previously resided in India, Dharamsala, for seven years, where they ran their own business selling barley flour. They moved to Australia in 2011 for medical attention for her husband. Unfortunately he passed away leaving Tsering to navigate a foreign country with unfamiliar languages, cuisine, and climate. Amidst her responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, and caring for her four children, she devoted time to crafting handmade goods for sale.

Tsering discovered a new sanctuary at SisterWorks, where she was embraced wholeheartedly and found a sense of belonging. Now, she has a platform to share her crafting passion with the world, and her customers are grateful for her beautiful creations.


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