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19th Sep 2023

Wina Jie, Indonesia

Meet our Sister Wina, a talented freelance artist and barista. Originally from Indonesia, Wina migrated to Australia with her family seeking a better education system and a more stable political climate. Wina designs stunning artworks her brand Vanguard Makers. Her Tea Towel…

19th Sep 2023

Tsering Wangmo, Tibet

Tsering's story is one of resilience, and cosy handmade knits. Originally from Tibet, Tsering hand knits motherly love into every single baby toy and baby accessory she creates for her brand Tsering Toys, with her detailed work reflecting the strength and determination of a first gene…

19th Sep 2023

Dinithi Kalutharage, Sri Lanka

Dinithi specialises in Paper Quilling - a papercraft used to create beautiful artworks and designs. Hailing from Sri Lanka, she moved to Australia in 2017 with her family seeking new life. Back in Sri Lanka, Dinithi would sell craft cards adorned by her paper quiling designs in local…

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