SisterWorks - Beeswax Jumbo Wrap 1pk
SisterWorks - Beeswax Jumbo Wrap 1pk


SisterWorks - Beeswax Jumbo Wrap 1pk

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Jumbo wraps: 
By special request we have created the beeswax jumbo wrap. A sustainable alternative to disposable plastic. 
These wraps are 40cm x 50cm, making them perfect beeswax wrap to be used for wrapping bread, covering a bowl or platter, or transporting flowers from the florist to your home without all of that disposable plastic. Made with recycled cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and pine resin. 
*Our wraps are made with recycled cotton, so fabric will vary from what is pictured

* Please note: All SisterWorks products are individually handmade with love and therefore the item in stock may differ slightly from what is pictured.