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Posted by Shivani Bibhuti on 31st Dec 2022

Fernanda Rodriguez, Mexico

Born in Mexico, Fernanda grew up watching her parents helping other people selflessly and it is something that has been imprinted on her mind and that helped shape the person she is today. Passionate about creating, Fernanda studied a Bachelor of Industrial Design in Mexico. She came to Australia in 2018 to study a Diploma of Program Management. During her studies she realised she developed an interest for social design and decided she would like to pursue something related to that in the future. Besides having an interest in social design she also has a passion for toy design and designing for kids.

Years later, COVID changed the course of her career and she found a safe space at SisterWorks, where she started as an Entrepreneur and where she got help on her journey of starting her own business, Bot Workshop. This has allowed her to pursue her toy design passion, by creating unique characters that will become kids’ companions and making long lasting products that kids can cherish forever. SisterWorks was the first shop she ever sold my products at. The platform gave her an opportunity to test her products, experience selling at markets and at shops and has given her the confidence to continue working on it and obtaining new opportunities on her own.

She first started at SisterWorks as an entrepreneur and then slowly became more involved with things within SisterWorks. She says "getting a chance to be part of the SisterWorks team has been one of my biggest achievements. I’m thrilled to be part of an organisation that has helped me and lots of women to find their place in Australia."

She is currently working as the "Social Enterprise Graphic Designer & Support" at SisterWorks. Her main responsibility is to create visual and graphic materials that will help SisterWorks communicate its values and purpose. Now being part of the team she is happy to be a voice for all the other Sisters who are entrepreneurs and help give insight on what is like to be an entrepreneur to the rest of the SisterWorks team.

She hopes to see my business grow to the point where she can make it my full time job in the future. Her dream is to make lots of different and unique products and one day become a global brand. 


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